Roca Motion

Founded in 2013 is dedicated developing quality outdoor events!  The founders, Brian and Melinda Nash, have a love of Southern Arizona and the great outdoors.

Melinda grew up in Willcox and the couple still has family in the area.  Roca Motion’s premier event (Willcox Flyer – formely the Magic Circle Bike Ride) is held in honor of Melinda’s older brother Matt.  Matt was killed in a bicycle accident in 2008 in Cupertino, California.  The weekend before his death, Matt participated in a crit race that he had set his sights on winning.  He trained with focus and determination for months leading up to the event.  That morning, just a week before his death, Matt crossed the finish line with a “last lap flyer” finish and won the only race of his life!  The prize…a big rock!

Roca, Rock in Spanish, serves as a reminder to work with intensity and dedication…but also with passion and excitement!  Our goal is to organize events that encourage people to get out there and help all participants enjoy the beauty and joy of Southern Arizona.

Brian and Melinda live in Tucson with their 3 daughters.